A radical new workflow for the lighting industry

Lose the hassle
of DMX

Breaking with the DMX legacy. Because you know we all have experienced issues with:

universe limitations  manually addressing fixturesmissing fixture files patching the console1 cable ruining your show


KLSTR.  Pronounced as cluster.

Simply connect your devices in whatever topology that suits you best and your setup is ready to go. Productions using the KLSTR ecosystem save huge amounts of time, win on operational reliability and will unlock an endless range of new creative, logistic and operational benefits. We all agree it is time to innovate an innovative industry that brings emotion to millions of people.

Features & benefits

Plug & Program

Complete overview

Realtime monitoring

Simply connect your devices in whatever topology is the most convenient for you. KLSTR automatically configures all devices. Just assign fixture ID’s and you’re all set to start programming your show.

Our free application will allow you to get a complete overview of your entire setup. It discovers all connected devices and will alert you in case of an unexpected event. 

With the use of our application, you can monitor all parameters inside your devices. This will give you more insights when problems occur.

Fully redundant



KLSTR allows you to daisy chain devices in a safe way. When a device loses power we will heal the chain and alert you. You can even make ring topologies, which makes your setup fully redundant.

The use of daisy chained ethernet introduces the need for synchronization. This complex part is automatically covered by KLSTR.

At arrival back in the warehouse it will take you seconds to get the usage report and analytics. This reduces handling time and increases reliability.


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We are developing KLSTR because we were tired of current day's issues and hassle for lighting designers, operators, technicians. and everyone involved.
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